Date- 21-09-19

We on-boarded our first NGO- Human Hope Foundation in Shimla, Himachal today after several follow-ups for 2-3 days. As kids of the NGO are busy with a few festive workshops, induction would be done in the first weeks of October or November. 

Harsh, Palampur Qause Ambassador again met with Kshitij (Qause Mentor), who wanted to combine mindfulness with education. So, he has divided mentorship on the basis of chapters.

The first chapter is Concentration & the second is Gratitude which are the building blocks to enhance any sort of passion.

Both chapters would include fun activities to teach how to focus on breathing, which would eventually help them all learn their passion.

Qause Mumbai: Anindita, another Qause Mentor, took a mentoring session on musical art at Touch NGO, with the idea to draw and paint on musical beats which were played during the session. 

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