Date- 12-09-19

Qause Ambassador in Dehradun, Karishma met with Deepak today. His qause is music but was forced to leave his dream and get into a job only to earn money. "My soul is still in my guitar, songs and concerts," he says. 

Through Qause, he wants to relive his passion, inspire kids who have a similar life and motivate them to chase their dreams.

Harsh, our Dehradun Qause Ambassador never lets a day go in vain — he utilised the day to find more dreamers who can become Qause Ambassadors and discovered a great guitarist and a guy whose qause is mountaineering and skiing. The icing on the cake is that he can speak Spanish as well. The world is full of passion, isn't it?

Ruchi, one of Gurgaon's Qause Ambassadors converted Gramin Vikas Samiti, Godavari today. But, that's not it! She's also done profiling in Gramin Vikas Samiti 1 and Gramin Vikas Samiti, Saraswati centre.


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