Date- 05-09-19

Govt High School Jhunga Devi in Himachal Pradesh's has been inducted and it’s our first step into the government institutions.

Harsh, Qause Ambassador in Palampur had a mentoring session with the kids there, where the teachers seemed to have accepted the project whole-heartedly. Teacher training was also done along with the profiling of a few kids.

He also met with 3 people for mentorship - one of whom is interested in personality development, one in interactive mathematics and the other is interested in teaching the kids about the importance of saving through a workshop. Well, what a fruitful day for both Harsh and Qause.

But, that’s not it. Shekhar did induction at Bharti Taneja Foundation, Delhi.

Seems like a lot has already been done in 5 months and across 10 states. Woah, that’s huge!


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