5th July 2019

“Well, it's easier for someone who has funding to open an NGO but it is equally difficult for someone with no funding of any sort. It could be difficult but not impossible when we have great intent. Being an artist myself, I always wanted the world to focus more on passion rather than textbooks. This led me to find out why children drop out of schools and eventually create NeoFusion in Jaipur in 2013 but I soon had to move to Gurgaon. Not only did I relaunch the NGO but also got the required funding to start it over in Gurgaon.

I started with 10 kids learning clay modelling in a park and today I have 223 registered kids who have grown up with me, learning ethics and doing what they love and transforming their lives," says Anubhooti Bhatnagar, the founder of NeoFusion Creative Foundation.

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