Date- 17-09-19

How would you like if you knew that you have always wanted to become a singer, since your childhood? How awesome would the world be if every kid was aware of his passion? 

So, we met this guy named Kshitij who’s doing his Master’s in Clinical Psychology and is into spirituality & music. 

Quite a popular topic for a ‘chai for charcha’ is what it is — most of us believe that the current Indian education system doesn’t teach any kid about his/her passion, let alone happiness. 

While our Ambassador and Kshitij were on this charcha, both agreed that students should have some orientation session where the kids can be mindful enough to find their hidden talents. Kids want nothing but fun — we decided to take this forward by putting such sessions and music/games/stories together. 

As our team gets bigger, more and more new ideas crop up every other day. 

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