11th May 2019

We have already started uploading tasks on our app and would you believe it if we said kids from Parkshala seemed more excited than us? Well, you have to, because kids actually seemed so interested that they were not letting us leave and kept showing us their talents. That’s what we wanted, didn’t we?

Looks like we gave them a ray of hope that they had been waiting for.

We also on boarded another NGO today- Asha Deep Foundation that is ready to handover around 700 kids of 8-16 years age group.

#SomethingUnreal: So, our founder- Mr. Chhabra met with a hotshot guy named Satya Priya. He pitched his idea of a TPM village that would have all the passionate kids, mentors and our team. He surprisingly even sold the idea. Satya Priya is willing to give us a plot for free. Now, what more could we even ask for!


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