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It’s an old saying that food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities in a person’s life. With the increasing level of development around the world, the scope of these basic necessities has also increased. It now also includes education and healthcare facilities.

D.A.V Educational and Welfare Society is involved in the provision of these necessities to the underprivileged and marginalised sections of society.

The NGO has implemented various youth, women and community-centric welfare activities like vocational training, health camps and educational & awareness programmes for the upliftment of the people in North West Delhi particularly in Mangolpuri, Sultan Puri and adjoining areas.

Presently the Society offers training Programmes in Computers, Tailoring, Beauty Culture,Jewellery Designing and Mobile Repairing among others. The aim of these training is to provide the youth with self-employment and job opportunities.

D.A.V Society has also been working tirelessly in the health sector. The Society recognises the fact that lack of education and awareness about TB leads to delayed treatment with increased mortality and morbidity. One infected person can infect ten others in one year. A major focus of the DOTS awareness programme is to create awareness about the disease, and to educate the community regarding the causes, spread, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of TB.
In addition to such awareness programmes, the NGO has also set up OPDs and pathological test labs.

All of us are part of the society and we have certain duties towards it.
In order to raise an informed and responsible population, the organisation undertakes awareness programmes on issues such as self defense, consumer awareness, environmental issues, road safety, HIV/AIDS and crime against vulnerable sections.

Since its establishment in 2003, DAV Educational and Welfare Society has been marching ahead to achieve its goal in empowering urbanized poor and making them self reliant.


NARDI FOUNDATION, New Delhi as the premier organization facilitating agriculture developments in the country, has taken the lead to assist state government in organizing farmers inter-state exposure tour and training programs under ATMA, MIDH and other relevant schemes which are implementing by state for the benefits of farmers at large. The objectives of the training and study programs is to get farmers exposure and learning to the latest Agriculture, Horticulture and Farm management practices, Technology Employment, Market Chain, Value addition activities, Integrated Farming System and Resource Management etc. so that they could apply the same in their Farms for better productivity, quality and Resource Management. The proposed study tours includes visits to various sites of Agriculture and Horticulture advancements, including farms, institutions, markets, interaction with FPO’s, research agro processing centre’s. We have fully professional Team who have excellent skill set and intelligence with knowledge base of Agriculture and Horticulture sector.