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Wisdom Foundation is a public charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act. The Foundation works primarily for the development of children, especially single parents and non-parents, due to the loss of parents, accidents and other health issues, women’s empowerment in tribal and remote areas, and access to education for rural and urban backers. Areas of Chittoor and Tirupati Divisions of Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, South India.

The goals and objects of the trust are to bring about a people-cantered development process:

A) Implementing donor specific projects that trust donors are likely to be directly involved in the implementation of development projects / projects.
B) To create, maintain and support need based and area specific community assets and services in these areas:
A) Education and skill development
B) health care and family welfare, including women’s empowerment
C) Community works including drinking water, sanitation, irrigation, drainage, water harvesting structures, community halls, libraries, etc.
d) Livestock and dairy development.
C) Developing and strengthening infrastructure including roads, buildings, transport, energy, communication, etc.
d) Provide opportunities to create better institutions and promote scientific restraint and use better and new technologies.
E) Promoting environmental balance and protesting the environment.
F) To undertake development programs to bring about social, economic and human development at grass root level through public participation.
g) Creating an ideal society that embodies the values of good citizenship and excels in all fields.
h) Developing and developing model projects and schemes for the implementation of community works and services and implementing them with public participation in prioritizing less developed areas.
i) Funds, contributions, subscriptions, grants-in-aid, donations, endowments and assistance for the instruments of trusted goods, assistance / procurement from individuals, national and international organizations, agencies, organizations, business organizations, trusts, charities.
j) Collaborating with government and non-governmental organizations, trusts, charities and other organizations involved in community development work and services.
k) Doing all other things deemed appropriate by the trustees to achieve the objects of the trust.