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Yerala Projects Society

Founding Year, 1976

Meet the NGO

A community thrives when there is a relation of lending a helping hand to each other whenever necessary. With the motto of ‘Help People To Help Themselves’ as their vision; the Yerala Projects Society (YPS), established in 1976 has become one of the most recognizable names working for public welfare in South Western Maharashtra.
This non-profit organization has a seven-member team constituting the board of trustees who volunteer their contribution by working with other qualified staff of the organisation in case of any project that is carefully overseen by resource persons.

At present, the NGO is active in five districts in Maharashtra, with its head office being located in Sangli. They work for the implementation of sustainable community development projects along with the state and national government. In this scenario, they at times also work together with indigenous and international donor agencies, corporate sectors etc.

They focus on sustainable development of rural aspects like agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, water supply, housing and even water conservation. They promote both formal and informal education along with vocational training for skill empowerment. Beyond this, they take an active part in facilitating women empowerment along with working for proper health care of Mother and Child. Awareness regarding prevention and control of HIV-AIDS and general healthcare measures is a vital part of their worklist. They encourage micro-enterprises and also organize many eco-friendly programmes for the people.

Meet the Founder

Prof Vasant Deshpande

The founder of Yerala Projects Society, Prof Vasant Deshpande actively contributed in relief activities during the drought in 1972 in Sangli by contacting a foreign donor agency. Taking 32 other villagers by his side he started to organize a proper relief providing system by distributing food, drinking water, healthcare along with medicines etc to the victims for a period of two years till everything was normal again. It was in 1975 that after a request regarding Village Development work was put to him that he registered the organization as Yerala Dairy Society initially focused on Dairy Farming. Much later the society branched out to give focus on other developmental activities which lead to the renaming of the society as Yerala Projects Society.

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