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Meet the NGO

Established in 2014, the Wisdom Foundation has devotedly worked for the empowerment of women in tribal as well as remote areas along with the primary focus on the holistic development of children who are either orphans, face abandonment or are exploited and abused. This NGO mainly functions in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

The main intent of the NGO is to put into motion a people-centred development process through donor-specific projects where the trust donors would play an active part in various developmental projects. Apart from this, the NGO also aims to create a need-based framework to have an equal division of community assets and provide a balanced service in areas like Education, Skill development training, Healthcare, Women Empowerment etc.

The NGO also has various initiatives to arrange for clean drinking water, proper sanitation facilities, introduce irrigation practices, and arrange for drainage as well as water harvesting structures. They also focus on livestock and development in the dairy sector. Beyond this, they undertake various programs to promote environmental issues and bring forth various concerns regarding the creation of an ideal society with good values of citizenship.

They take an active part in developing infrastructure like roads and buildings etc and also contribute to launching programs which aim at social, economic and human development, right from the grass-root level through proper public participation. Furthermore, they promote scientific techniques and engage in developing model projects as well as schemes for public participation in community works.  The NGO also takes proper measures to collaborate with both governmental and non-governmental organizations to have a cohesive approach in the united goal.

Meet the Founder

Nallandala Purushotham

Nallandala (or Nathala) Purushotham is the founder of Wisdom Foundation. Born in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, he has a graduation degree in Law as well as a PG Degree in Social Work to his credit. He had also earned a PG Diploma in NGO Management at EDII, Gujarat. Before starting the NGO, he has been a part of many developmental organizations. His main focus has always been on the development of orphan children or those from underprivileged backgrounds and poor broken families in both rural and urban areas. His staunch belief is that lack of information and dire economic status result in children from underprivileged backgrounds being unable to access their rightful education. As such he aims to guide children in the path of attaining their education irrespective of caste, gender or religion so that they can walk the path of development and enrich their own future.

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