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About Us:
Sthalantar Research Foundation aims to work meticulously at redefining the existing interpretations of tribal art, culture, and heritage of the indigenous communities of India by conducting extensive research, documentation and dissemination on the knowledge systems of the indigenous communities. The task is to work intimately with the members of the indigenous communities to understand the insider’s perspective of their culture and heritage. Our organisation aims to document and preserve different arts, culture and heritage of indigenous communities and create a platform to improve their quality of life.

The foundation is registered under the Section 8 of the Companies Act in 2019 as a not for profit company and works across all states and union territories of India.

Sthalantar envisions to improve quality of life by preserving art forms, culture and heritage of indigenous communities of India and creation of a state of the art museum to represent indigenous India and a global virtual portal for all artisans to ply their trade.

To enable artisans from indigenous communities to develop their life, preserve their natives, provide modern technical training by experts and develop an in-depth research platform focusing on arts, culture and heritage of indigenous communities of India

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