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Meet the NGO

India is an agriculture-based country and as such, the SHREE KISAAN VIKAS TRUST officially recognized as an NGO of Rural India in 2007 aims to contribute their entire effort in tackling the steadily growing circumstances of farmer distress in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Implementing bottom-up participatory approaches towards rural development, along with effective micro-planning policies, is the main objective of the Trust. Skill development and competency building initiatives are also taken up as a part of this objective. For effective delivery of services and other inputs, the trust builds a strong network with other organisations too. 

Their major focus is in promoting as well as encouraging sustainable livelihood options and building a positive association with the local governance or body of authority for the success of the long term goals. Their approaches, however, instead of being generic are customized as per needs and aim at empowerment of women and the marginalized section of the society.

Through agri and NRI inputs, the Trust intervenes to ensure the proper security of the food. This initiative is aided by the CMSCs which form an efficient and accessible delivery system.

The goal of strengthening the local community institutions is pursued by building a rapport with them for solidarity in goals. Various partnerships for a share of ideas and collaborations for research work are undertaken with government and non-government organisations.

The Trust envisions a world where the poor are not bereft of healthcare, education and social respect. They take an active part in brainstorming policies for the betterment of the poor and implementing them to gain a balance amidst the population of the country across all political, social, cultural and economic spheres of the society. Thereby they act as a bridge between the local community and other institutions of the government so as to achieve better communication and efficient service.

The Trust is presently engaged in the formation of SHGs and has already helped establish the thrift and credit programme in relation to the SHGs. Networking with financial institutions regarding expansion and sustainability of their developmental initiatives along with capacity building activities for farmers and volunteers are also being regularly supervised.


Meet the Founder

Rajendra kumar Sartalia

Rajendra Kumar is the founder of Shree Kissan VT. Born in a rural tribal area of Madhya Pradesh, he had completed his BCom degree through a lot of struggle and hard work; having to travel a long distance to attain education. After clearing the examination with a first class, he was appointed as a clerk in the Bank of Baroda in 1984. He suffered from a severe attack of malaria that resulted in him leaving the job and suffering from depression for quite some time. Later he decided to work in the agricultural sector and started a new business by the name of Kissan Automobiles. He gave interviews, to get the dealership and launched his vision in the area. For the welfare of rural farmers and their family, he also started the NGO. He had also established service centres in rural areas that aid around 200 farmers. With his initiative of launching an agro based industry in the rural area, customers can access the local produce of the farmers all the while, generating employment at the local level. Welfare is his main goal and as such he has made sure that the entire organization has a good flow of funds through self-funding and self-produce without being dependent on donations.

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