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Simco Foundation

Founding Year, 2001
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Meet the NGO

There is a huge section of the population that does not face an easy inclusion within the privilege of getting their rights and opportunities. The Simco Foundation established in 2001 works with the aim of tackling this scenario of exclusion from society’s benefits.

The organization operates to tackle the matter of generating conscious health awareness on four important issues: proper breakfast intake, education of young girls, proper handwashing and hygiene and the sexually transmitted disease HIV-AIDS.

They have reached out to around 350 villages of Uttar Pradesh and have even organized awareness programmes in Lucknow for the students.

Meet the Founder

M.B Dhole

M.B Dhole is the founder of Simco Foundation. One of his earliest activities had been in providing aid during the Gujarat EarthQuake and since then he had devoted himself to social causes. Motivated by the incident he had established a charity organization and from there the concept of Simco Foundation kick-started to fend for the opportunities for the vulnerable section of the society who face a sense of exclusion from education, healthcare as well as financial stability.

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