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Meet the NGO

A harmonious relationship between human society and nature is an absolutely mandatory condition for not only a developed country but also a thriving and healthy population. Thereby to deal with a wide ranged focus on community development PRATHIBHE, an NGO established in 1990 in Bangalore aims to mobilize various resources to bring a practice of cohesive community development as well as build mutually beneficial relationships to one another.

It was only in 1997 that the organization finally received permission to gain foreign contribution. Till then, small scale programmes had been sponsored by the State and Central Government. However after foreign donations were allowed, contributors like ITC India, HEKS Switzerland and IGSSS have been included to work with women, children and the youth.

The contributors are also slotted to work for the sustainable usage of environment resources, agriculture related factors and economic development programs.

Meet the Founder

Prasanna Murthy. G

Prasanna Murthy. G is the founder of PRATHIBHE. The 57-year-old comes from a rural agrarian background and has a long history of extensive education. After completing primary and secondary schooling, he also earned a Postgraduate degree. Following this, he enrolled and earned a diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation, getting exposed to different facets of community development as well as facilitation of integrated approach for rehabilitation of disabled people. He has volunteered in many other organizations and also acts as the consultant and resource person to aid in the success, growth and reach of PRATHIBHE.

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