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Paschim Bauria Janakalyan Samity

Founding Year, 2010



Meet the NGO

Working for the development of the society can never be termed as any sort of profit-making business or seen with a percentage of economic gain. Instead, it is an engaging task of giving and gaining the satisfaction of contributing to the betterment of humanity. The Paschim Bauria Janakalyan Samity established in 2010 too identifies itself as a non-profit organization in the Howrah district of West Bengal; engaged devotedly in the field of social work.

The need for the underprivileged population has always been a stable income and to mitigate this, the main focus of the organization is on providing skill development training to the people.

However, with the precarious situation on a rise due to the pandemic that has gripped India to its very roots, the Samity is engaged in providing relief to the people who are unable to afford or access them. They distribute food, sanitizers and also engage in running proper awareness programmes to educate the people who are all affected by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

Meet the Founder

Rabin Mukherjee

Rabin Mukherjee is the founder as well as the secretary of Paschim Bauria Janakalyan Samity. An energetic and honest personality, the well-educated social activist is devoted to the welfare of society as a whole.

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