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Meet the NGO

” Modern United Community Foundation” is a registered organization established in the year 2006 having an aim to serve the community in terms of social, economical, education and environment promotional activities and to build a good socially responsible society. It aimed to look for the development of the rural poor,Children empower them towards their sustainability. MISSION: Literacy and social awareness, self-reliance and self supported Community, community health and wealth liberation, Leadership development, Relief and Rehabilitation, Empowering women and encouraging people.VISION: To create a new world where there is no caste, creed, race, Religion discrimination but only humanitarian ship.AIM: Motto of organization is to create on environment of socialization and cultural Understanding, equitable distribution of wealth and mutual help, social justice, peace, love and humanity.OBJECTIVES:  Create awareness among rural community – Organize people to participate in social action process for village self reliance Promote all round development of rural poor with social Justice Promote youth & women groups towards poverty eradication and sustainable development process through – Skill development; Promote primary and adult education; Promote general health of villagers about Government; Development programmes and encouraging people to exercise their rights to access the programmes Develop healthy working relationship between villagers, Government and voluntary organizations. Promote participatory exercise for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Meet the Founder

AUTOBIOGRAPHYMr. Alimuddin Ahmed is the founder of the Non Governmental Organization “ MODERN UNITED COMMUNITY FOUNDATION”. He was born in 1st October in the year 1970. The Organization was established in the year of 2006 feeling the necessity of development in present society. Founder of the Organization started his early education in a very backward village in Nalbari District of Assam in the Country greater India. He passed his HSLC Examination with a very bright result in 1986. After passing his graduation he joined his Government service as a secondary Teacher. During his service period he continued his study. As a result he passed his B.A, M.A, LLB, Probin(Hindi) and Normal Training as in service training .Having for the greater interest of social service he took his voluntary retirement of his service in 2011. He was elected as Zilla parishad Member in Nalbari District of Assam in 2012. After the successful completion as a Member of Zilla Parishad he joined as a Member of Juvenile Justice Board in Nalbari as a Social Worker. He is the founder of an educational Institutional “United Academy” for giving the free education to the backward and helpless children. He has already provided free education more than 2000 children up to the Secondary level.

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