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MASARD Welfare Society

Founding Year, 1983
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  • Poverty Alleviation & Development

Meet the NGO

The base of a country lies in its grass-root population. Thus the Mass-based Association for Social service And Rural Development (MASARD) established in 1983 tries to reach down the ladder to those people who are often pushed towards the downward spiral of development.

MASARD strives to build a society that is free of poverty, disease and hunger, with a sustainable and harmonious relationship to nature.  The preservation of this harmonious balance is an integral part of MASARD’s vision which is promoted amongst the beneficiaries.

To reach their goals, MASARD also takes up various initiatives to uplift the downtrodden and instil in them a sense of social dignity by generating social awareness and helping them achieve economic independence. Strategic participatory planning is used to draw out the vulnerable sections of the society to retain a sense of awareness in their own ability and potential; cultivating a sense of self-worth.

As a part of these initiatives, MASARD is involved in the growth and development of around 10 urban slums in Bangalore. Beyond this, MASARD is also working closely with 75 rural villages in both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In a period of over three decades since its conception, this organization has been able to touch the lives of thousands of poor people directly and even more indirectly, to carve a sustainable and environment friendly living sphere.

Meet the Founder

Dr J.L. Fernandes

Dr J.L. Fernandes is the founder of MASARD who started this grass root workers’ organization with his friends in 1983. His devotion to working in the Social Development Sector led to MASARD reaching out to the poor and unprivileged in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Tamil Nadu through a variety of initiatives and programmes. He is also the founder of Ashanilaya Orphanage in Bangalore which houses around 50 children who are exposed to a well-planned strategy of developmental care for their holistic growth. Another one of his establishments includes Ashagram Children’s Village in Tamil Nadu where facilities with the capacity of housing 150 children are being created to provide integrated care for those children who live in dismal circumstances.

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