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Maharashtra Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sansthan

Founding Year, 2000
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Meet the NGO

Nelson Mandela said- ‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’ But what happens when that world does not have enough accessible resources to educate young minds?

Maharashtra Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sansthan was brought into existence to solve this very problem. The founder of the NGO, Mr Ramdas Motiramji Malge established a school and hostel in the Amravati district of Maharashtra to battle the dual issue of lack of schools and transportation facilities. The children who once had to drop out of schooling in the 4th grade could now attain quality education till the 12th standard. Many students who were fortunate to receive the support of the NGO, have now become doctors or bagged jobs at good companies. Along with academics, the children are also given the opportunity to participate in co-curricular cultural programmes.     

The organisation does not charge a single penny to the students. The management bores all the necessary expenses on uniforms, food, hostel facilities, books and stationery. The 19-people staff working at the school ensures that every child is presented with equal opportunities to learn and grow.   

Not every path of good intentions has rose petals. Initially, the members of the NGO had to go from door-to-door to convince parents to enrol their children in the school. Due to no external source of funds, they often faced a financial crunch. The Covid-19 Pandemic further worsened their hardships. Unavailability of smartphones and lack of internet facilities in the village made it difficult for the teachers to interact with the students. 

The NGO, however, did not give up. They chose the best alternatives available with limited resources. They asked the children, to diligently attend the courses made available on local tv channels and conversed with them through messages. 

A unique plan called ‘Shikshak Mitra’ was implemented in the villages. A student who had comparatively more knowledge than the others conducted classes for his or her peers.

Maharashtra Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sansthan is a ray of hope for humanity. With some help, they could keep this light of knowledge burning. 

Meet the Founder

Ramdas Motiramji

Compassion is a strong force. It drives people in the right direction with an increased amount of motivation. Ramdas Motiramji Malge, a simple farmer from Maharashtra, was driven by the motive to ensure quality education for the children in his village. His native place in the Amravati district of Maharashtra consisted of four-five villages. There was no middle school for the children within a three-four km radius. There were rivers and other physical barriers that posed a hindrance to transportation and forced young minds to leave education by the 4th grade. This large drop-out rate of students, especially the backward classes, bothered him. He knew all these kids deserved a chance of receiving good quality higher education, and thus established the Shri Siddheshwar Sant gulabbaba Sc Niwasi Madhyamik Ashram school under the Maharashtra Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sansthan in the year 2002. His very able son, Mr Nilesh Malge is the headmaster of the school which impacts the lives of more than 120 students each year.

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Cultural Programme

Every year, on 27th January, the NGO organises a cultural programme which is attended by over 4000 people from neighbouring…

27 January, 2020
Amravati, Maharashtra

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