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Karunagowri Educational and Rural Development Trust

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Meet the NGO

Our “Karuna Gowri Education & Rural Development Institute NGO” was launched in 2010. The institute will provide equality of education in the society and provide education to the rural youth at a lower cost so that a caste-free society can be created. It was started with the aim of raising awareness on how to protect oneself and the people in the village.

Meet the Founder

R. Karunanidhi is the Managing Director & Founder of the Karunagowri Educational & Rural Development Trust. He was born to a farming family in Nallikottai village in Thiruvarur district. His father's name was S. Ramalingam's mother, R. Jayam. The father has passed away. He was born with a brother, two sisters and two married, Karunanidhi is the daughter of K. Subhajanani is 13 years old and her son is K. Jagan age 11. he attended Grade 5 at the Union Union Elementary School. He then attended Government Secondary School in Vadaseri, a village in Tanjore district, till 10th grade. He also completed 12th grade at the National Higher Secondary School in Mannargudi city, Tiruvarur district. He then completed three years of studies at Pattukottai Polytechnic College. Moreover, he wanted to touch the poor people and help them solve the basic problems of the society

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