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Karunagowri Educational and Rural Development Trust

Founding Year, 2010



Meet the NGO

Employment is a major factor for empowering individuals. For the demographic dividend to be empowered, the need of the hour is for them to receive a proper education.  Thus Karuna Gowri Education & Rural Development Trust is an NGO which focuses on education and its quality in the society, specifically for the rural youth.

This NGO was founded by R. Karunanidhi in 2010. With an aim to uplift the rural population through education; the NGO strives to make low cost but good quality learning possible, motivated by the intention to leave behind the bindings of caste system and step into a caste free society.

This NGO was established with the goal of raising awareness amongst the rural population regarding protecting themselves and also the people of the village.  

Meet the Founder

R. Karunanidhi

R. Karunanidhi is the Founder and also the Managing Director of Karuna Gowri Educational and Rural Development Trust. Born in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu, he attended the Union Elementary School where he did his schooling till the fifth standard. He has also studied in Government Secondary School in Vadaseri, till his matriculation. Completing higher secondary studies in the National Higher Secondary School, he studied for three years in the Pattukottai Polytechnic College. All throughout, he had always wanted to reach out to the poverty-stricken population of India to help them in solving the basic problems of society and meeting their needs.

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