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Meet the NGO

Hamrah Charitable Trust an NGO working towards poverty alleviation through transformational Development without discrimination of case, race or religious bias, we are consciously focused on people and areas that are Socio- Economically venerable. Majority work in rural and isolated tribal areas specially focuses on the unreached marginalized and disadvantaged people.Hamrah focus on the need of children their health and Education, providing access to water for drinking and Agriculture and sanitation facility, building food security and household resilience through income generation and access to credit direct impact the well-being of children, Every community is also sensitized on aspect of Environment, gender, person with challenges, care for the venerable and physically challenged and peace building.While this approach Facilitate the Sustainable Transformational development of the communities, the main focus of the development is the wellbeing of children, women empowerment, capacity building of youth through creativity, vocational course and Academic support to create Employment opportunity as well as is caring of old age people.Hamrah’s priority is orphan, children, Hamrah’s special attention on orphan, poor and disabled children and especially attention on Girls. Hamrah’s approach is to provide high living standards to maximum children in the country so these children be able to stands against the challenges of every aspect of their life, Hamrah encourage people to celebrate their family occasion with orphan children so they can also be a part of our families.Hamrah organize medical camps, blood donation camps, awareness campaigns as well as working for provide help to physically challenged people.We are also providing free Vocational Trainings For Adolescent girls, women and youth that they may create their livelihood with their minimum education level also this courses are mainly targeted the girls and women for their sustainable livelihood creation in their own comfort zone as well as they will be able to take care of their family and children while earning their livelihood.Especially focuse on hardship and struggle of women and adolescent girls for their livelihood which are passing through various hidden issues while working in unskilled job in the different types of employers, the exploitation is a key issues of the process of their livelihood activities in various factor, we are covering those women and Girls for escape them with providing sustainable livelihood with skilled job opportunity in safe zone and also enhance their capacity to work with dignity.We are providing support for micro entrepreneurs with assistances and market information.Also our approach towards increase health and education of the children of the underpriviaged people with providing extra tuition classes and healthcare supports as well as providing carrier guidance and job placement support,deaddiction awareness, health awareness, education awareness program.

Meet the Founder

Our Founder Shri Hemang Rathod is working towards social welfare activities since last 20 years as a social worker, he has large experiance of working in transformational development activities and natural calamities like kutch earthquake ,women and child development,healthcare develpment ,educational and environment activities.

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