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Hamrah Charitable Trust

Founding Year, 2016
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Meet the NGO

The world is often an unequal and unfair place. Not everyone has the privilege of leading a healthy and desirable lifestyle. Hamrah Charitable Trust is a Non-Government Organization which works for the development and upliftment of the marginalised sections of society. The NGO team with a group of enthusiastic and compassionate volunteers aim to penetrate the social exclusion blanket and provide necessary facilities to the backward population.

The female gender has often faced the brunt of social discrimination. Hamrah Trust aims to create a safe and empowering environment for them. It shoulders the responsibility to develop a society which accommodates the needs of women. These include hygiene, safety, prevention of health hazards and employment encouragement. They provide vocational training to broaden the work opportunities.

The Gujarat based NGO lends a helping hand to people irrespective of religion, caste, gender or ethnicity and leads the way in forming an inclusive society.
The charitable trust emphasizes the need and importance of education in everyone’s life. They conduct extra tuition classes for students to help them in their education. The focus is on the holistic development of the children to prepare them for the competitive world. Hamrah Charitable Trust takes orphans and children from marginalised communities under its care. It encourages people to take the smallest steps for the well being of the children, such as spending birthdays and special occasions with them. They want to give these children the homely and familiar feeling that they have been deprived of.

A large part of the population of the country, unfortunately, does not have access to affordable and quality healthcare services. The NGO is on a mission to change this reality. They organise medical camps, blood donation drives and awareness campaigns. The team also dedicatedly works for the wellbeing of physically handicapped people.

Hamrah Charitable Trust intends to serve society as a whole, with a special focus on vulnerable communities. It has identified the major problem areas of the country and has successfully implemented comprehensive and practical programmes to revolutionize all these sectors.

Meet the Founder

Mr Hemang Rathod

The founder of Hamrah Charitable Trust, Mr Hemang Rathod, has devoted his life towards working for the upliftment of the vulnerable sections of society. His wonderful wife and two children have been his pillars of strength and a source of constant motivation. Since the last 20 years, Mr Rathod has selflessly worked in different parts of India and provided his unconditional help to any and every person in need. He has worked relentlessly on the field in the Kutch earthquake relief project and has played a significant role in implementing various other relief and rehabilitation programmes in disaster-hit areas. Geographical barriers could never blur his vision. He has served in many Indian cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Ooty, Tapi, Bharuch and Vadodara where he was associated with projects in the fields of health, education and environment. A strong believer in the power of unity and collective action, he has been providing voluntary services and consultations to many NGOs to enable knowledge sharing, network strengthening and community development.

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