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“GMUT:- Spiritual, Social & Welfare Activities”1. Mass Prayer Mobilization for Leaders Unity, Harmony and Persecution of Christian Worldwide.2. GMU is transforming legal systems for a strong alliance of Christian Professionals through several world class training programmers.3. Advocacy: – We are advocating for the sanctity of Life, Marriage and Family, and Religious Freedom: coming alongside Lawmakers to help Shape Legislation.4. Organizing Spiritual Meetings, Fasting Prayers, Whole- Nights Prayers and Monthly, Quarterly & Annually Meeting for the GMU Members.5. Organizing Bishops, Pastors & Leaders Grow Conference.6. Common Prayer Request Mobilization. 7. Bishops, Pastors & Leaders Welfare Funds.8. Care Projects for Persecuted Pastors & Leaders.9. Educational Programmers organizing for Poor and Needy Peoples.10. Free Medical Camps & Blood Donation Camps.11. Organizing Legal Training every month to Legally Development of the all members.12. Awareness Programs & Skill Development Schemes.13. Welfare Funds in Emergency for all GMU Bishop, Pastors & Leaders.14. Establish Christian Women leadership in all over India/World.15. Continuously Pray for GMU activities, leaderships and GMU Members.16. Acceptance of the application for GMU Membership and issuing GMU Welcome letter & ID Card.17. Promote GMU Ministries to All Local Unites, All Cities, All States, India and abroad.18. Attend GMU Programs & Meetings Regularly and Intimate us your prayer requests.19. Encourage Mobilization of the organization and be part of the leadership.20. If as you wish:- Make a onetime faith-pledge of amount……… for the growing GMUT.21. Promotion of Worship Musical task.

Meet the Founder

GMU- MISSIONGlobal Masih Unity Trust’s Mission Is To Unite The World Through Humanitarian Efforts By Working With Governments, Influential/Effectively Individuals, And Organizations To Support The Eradication of Poverty, The Advancement of Health and Wellness, The Creation of Economic Sustainability, Socially Security Development, Human Rights Development and The Promotion of Universal Quality Education. Constitutional Awareness and General Education Development.GMU- VISION“Freedom To Worship Jesus Christ in Worldwide Outreach and Its Partners Churches are Dedicated to Putting this Mission Into Action by Providing a Full Range of Charitable, Human Service, Educational, Religious and Community Development Activities. These Activities Help People Realize Their God-Given Potential as Uniquely Gifted Individuals in Their Family, Community and Relationship With God Through Faith in Jesus Christ.GMU- AgendaUnited All Indian & Worldwide Pastors & Leaders, Churches Registration Formalities, Legal Protection and Biblical Education Development, Persecution Relief for All Pastors & Leaders, Legal Rights, Training, Protection & Help, Human Rights, Social Justice, Educational & Spiritual Awareness & Development Programmers to All Pastors & Leaders, Freedom to Worship Jesus Christ in Worldwide. To Provide Comprehensive Support To The Persecuted Pastors & Leaders In India By Linking It The Free Church of The World.

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