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Ghuran Gramin Vikas Sewa Sansthan

Founding Year, 2015
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Meet the NGO

Children are the future of the world. For this saying to be true, there needs to be an inhabitable world left for the children to enjoy. Ghuran Gramin Vikas Sewa Sansthan believes that holistic development of children would only be possible if they are provided with an environment capable of nurturing their talents and needs. Keeping this in mind, the NGO has designed and implemented programmes that serve the purpose of creating a fulfilling environment for kids.

The mission of the organisation is to bring about improvements in the socio-economic conditions of the general population and accelerate the promotion of environmental protection by encouraging sustainable lifestyles, strong institutional development and asset creation at the community level. The team wants to motivate people to take individual and collective action to seek remedies and solutions to the problems created due to the negligence of mankind.

Thousands of children in India have an abundance of talent that often goes unnoticed. The NGO believes that it is our collective responsibility to build a society on the foundation of mutual respect, equality and justice, which allows the children to thrive and realise their full potential instead of being stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty and helplessness.

Ghuran Gramin Vikas Sewa Sansthan hopes to fulfil their vision with the support of community members and other organisations where they can successfully protect the rights of children, promote their creativity, create numerous opportunities in diverse sectors and preserve the resources that are necessary to sustain life.

Meet the Founder

Omprakash Kamat

Omprakash Kamat was conducting a study on the socio-economic conditions of his community residing in Bihar. During this study, he got the opportunity to carry out regular discussions and conversations with the local leaders and organisations on the subject. He realised that the area had been subjected to a long history of exploitation. The acute problems revolving around poverty and lack of resources were so prevalent and widespread that it did not seem feasible or possible to tackle them single-handedly. However, Mr Kamat did not let the immense magnitude of the problems stand as a hindrance in the way of his intentions to serve the people. He took the first steps towards creating the society of his dreams in 2015 by establishing the Ghuran Gramin Vikas Sewa Sansthan. His efforts were recognised and appreciated not only by the residents of the city but also independent social organisations. He was presented the Global Achievers Award in 2019 by Ek Sakha Foundation for his excellent contributions towards the development of society at large.

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