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Founding Year, 2018



Meet the NGO

The word ‘Ghar’ is a synonym of acceptance, unconditional love and a sense of security. The NGO Ghar, managed by Sant Ishwar Foundation, is built on these emotions and aims to bring a difference in the lives of the less fortunate people.                 

This organisation is the outcome of a dream to give back to society and rekindle hope in the lives of people. It encompasses several homes that provide a secure environment to orphans, paralysed women and the elderly. It gives them a sense of belonging which was otherwise missing from their lives. 

The homes are specifically designed keeping in mind the special needs of the inmates. Constructed by the founders themselves, the home for paralysed women is structured to cater to wheelchair based inmates with wide-opening doors, appropriately designed furniture, a kitchen that facilitates wheelchair based functioning, modern bathrooms that are specially designed for their convenience and spacious areas to ensure easy movement. The homes also have recreational rooms, a gym and a prayer hall. 

The organisation not only provides people with basic amenities but also works for their holistic development. Their vision is to make the lives of marginalised children, differently-abled people and the elderly secure, productive and fulfilling. 

They aim to provide children with a congenial and comfortable environment where they can absorb quality knowledge and moral values which shape them into future responsible citizens of the country. 

People fighting a certain disability often lose self-confidence. The NGO wishes to help them regain that self-belief by creating a supportive environment and encouraging them to chart a new tomorrow. 

After their first phase of completion, the NGO has opened its door for women and the elderly. With the combined effort of the compassionate veterans and selfless volunteers, the organisation can successfully spark a change and make a difference in the lives of people and provide them with a place they can call ‘Ghar.’ 

Meet the Founder

Colonel Mickie Uberoi

Ghar was established by Colonel Mickie Uberoi, a retired Army officer, in 2018. He graduated from the prestigious National Defense Academy (NDA) and took premature retirement in 2007 after 25 years of meritorious service to the nation. His sense of responsibility and willingness to serve the society, however, did not end there. He plunged himself into an entrepreneurship venture and began his quest to serve humanity. He has been working for the upliftment and benefit of vulnerable sections for several years. Over this period, he has treated and rehabilitated paralysed people, provided education to children from poor families and has extended a helping hand to the downtrodden by providing them access to medical treatment, improving their standard of living and encouraging them to become productive and responsible members of society. His dream of many years to start an orphanage fructified in 2018. It graduated from an orphanage to a home that will house orphan girls, paralysed women and the elderly. His vision is to live up to the name ‘Ghar’ and make the residents feel at home as a part of one huge family. The humanitarian founder has also been spreading awareness and sensitising the younger generation to the aspects of humanity and human care.

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