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Founding Year, 2017
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Meet the NGO

Established in 2017, EYE Foundation is an independent and voluntary charitable organization functioning in the state of Telangana. The abbreviation EYE stands for Education, Youth and Empowerment which represents the objectives and focus of the organisation. 

Eye Foundation has evolved out of eagerness of serving and developing society by social thinkers, intellectuals and reformers. The student population in India has immense potential and huge aspirations, however inadequate resources and opportunities. To bridge this gap in society, the NGO provides affordable and quality education to the underprivileged section. 

In a practice known as Volunteer Service Sundays, the organisation mobilises a team of compassionate individuals who wish to be a catalyst in the change-making process. This helps the NGO build strong community connections which form the backbone of these humanitarian services. 

Community Food Bank is one of the programmes implemented by the organisation. Food availability is an important part of community justice. The NGO aims to fight hunger by providing enough food for the people in the community who cannot afford it. They achieve this by joining hands with donors or direct food and grain distributors. 

During the unfortunate COVID 19 Pandemic, EYE Foundation distributed cooked meals and dry ration kits to vulnerable communities, including daily wage earners, slum dwellers, truckers and migrant labourers.

Through a range of empowerment and welfare programmes encompassing education, health, skill development, awareness building and self-help projects, the foundation helps thousands of beneficiaries within Hyderabad and Telangana District villages.

Meet the Founder

Rajkumar Medi

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