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Development of Rural Issues

Founding Year, 2016

Meet the NGO

Development of Rural Issues is an organisation working at the grass-root levels. The main objective of the Bihar based NGO is to put the collective needs of the human race ahead of individual wants and work together to bring about radical changes in society.

An inclusive and modern society involves integrated economic and social developments which benefit people from every background. The NGO understands the interdependence of financial and behavioural factors and implements comprehensive programmes aimed at the same.

Women empowerment is the need of the hour. The organisation educates women on the importance of financial independence and provides them with the necessary guidance, training and job opportunities to improve their status in society. They also attempt to address cases of sexual harassment, domestic violence and abuse by joining hands with local authorities. Strong supporters and contributors to the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ initiative, they assist young girls from marginalised communities in acquiring education and other social needs.

The NGO wishes to help students develop a scientific temperament by providing them with quality education which also allows them to be independent and responsible individuals. They sensitise the children towards the beliefs and practices of other people residing in this diverse world. The NGO also promotes originality and problem-solving skills among the children. During the Annual Function celebration of the organisation, they presented awards to children from poor households as a sign of appreciation for their hard work.

The NGO is on a mission to eradicate social evils such as dowry, child marriage, female infanticide, substance abuse and child labour, They also spread awareness among the community about government health schemes for the rural population. Vulnerable sections such as widows, orphans, people with disabilities and senior citizens can find a ray of hope with this NGO which provides them with food, shelter, medical facilities and works for their overall empowerment. It recognised its duties in times of natural disasters and organised rehabilitation camps and food donation drives for flood victims and COVID affected population.

With their sincere efforts, they aim to change the rural area scenario in India and bring it on par with the urbanised cities in terms of resources, facilities and opportunities.

Meet the Founder

Lovely Kumari

The secretary of Development Of Rural Issues is Lovely Kumari, a highly compassionate and strong woman. Deeply affected by the living conditions and unacceptable social practices prevalent in the rural areas of Bihar, she decided to turn mere conversations about development into actually implemented programmes. She completed her graduation in history honours from Bhagalpur University. A black belt in Taekwondo, she is a national gold medalist, a state instructor in the sport and is also affiliated to the Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. She envisions a reformed society free of social evil and economic disparity, and looking at her determination, she’s not going to stop till she achieves it.

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qause Inspirational Stories

How Jaymala came out of abusive relationship
Passion: Painting

Jaymala Devi, a resident of Jamalpur, constantly faced abuse for 15 long years by the hands of her husband, Manoj Tanti. To escape his torture, she used to take shelter at her parent’s home. The merciless man would reach her parent’s house and inflict pain upon not only her but also her parents. Stuck in a helpless situation, she had lost hope of finding a saviour. Fortunately, during that time, our founder, Lovely Kumari crossed paths with Jaymala Devi’s son. On learning that she ran an NGO, her son saw a ray of hope. 

After another ruthless episode of Manoj Tanti’s violence, Jaymala Devi fled to her sister’s house along with her son and contacted Lovely Kumari for help. She was scared of being found by her husband and his reaction that would follow. Lovely Kumari assured her about her safety and asked Jaymala Devi to stay with her, where she comforted her and gave her the much-needed strength to deal with the situation. 

The NGO team backed the woman and warned her abusive husband of legal repercussions if such a heinous crime was repeated. They took a written oath from him which said that the actions would not occur again in the future. The couple was counselled and advised to solve their differences for the sake of the future of their son. Today, Jaymala Devi is a part of the Development of Rural Issues NGO and actively participates in the social work undertaken by them. 

Saviour of the Twins
Passion: Painting

Sheela Devi, the second wife of Rajnikanth, stayed in Jamalpur with her husband and two stepdaughters. The twin sisters, barely 3 years old, were regularly tortured by Sheela Devi. She used to hit them and deprive them of food making the little girls starve. Moreover, she did not permit them to leave the quarters or even talk to anyone outside the house. 

Our founder, Lovely Kumari received this information from a teacher who lived in the same locality as Sheela Devi. The next day, Lovely Kumari organised a meeting with her team and planned their course of action. On reaching the quarters, Sheela Devi did not allow them to meet the children. Miss Lovely Kumari told her that she was from the census team and required some information about their family demographics. When the twins came out, Lovely Kumari was shocked and appalled looking at their condition. She could see a lot of wounds and marks on their body which left no doubt that they were subjected to physical abuse. She then revealed that she worked for an NGO and asked the girls who treated them in this inhuman manner. Initially, the young girls were too scared to say anything. However, after Lovely Kumari assured them of having nothing to worry about, they both pointed towards their step-mother. Their father was also questioned regarding this case but he stayed silent the entire time. 

Lovely Kumari herself investigated the case further and dragged the lady to the police station. Sheela Devi was made to submit a written promise that such barbaric acts would not be repeated in the future, else they would be answerable to and in the hands of the law and higher authorities. Today, the twins are safe and happy. Whenever Lovely Kumari is visiting their city, she makes it a point to meet the girls and see how they are doing. 

After years of suffering, Nusrat finally found relief
Passion: Painting

Nusrat Khatun lived in a small place with her mother, brother, sister-in-law and their son. Her own family abused and mistreated her, beat her black and blue for 20 long painful years. In June 2020, the NGO received a call from a local journalist who told them everything about Nusrat’s helpless situation and how no one was willing to come forward to her aid, including the police. Lovely Kumari acquired the contact details of Nusrat through the journalist and contacted her to know about her whereabouts. Nusrat sounded very scared and anxious on the phone and told her that she was on her way home from the hospital.

Lovely Kumari immediately rushed to the location with her team. While she was talking to Nusrat, one of her team members spotted the DIG (Deputy Inspector General) of Police, Manu Maharaj pass by in his car and immediately informed Lovely Kumari about the same. The NGO team, along with Nusrat started following the DIG’s car. He understood what the team was trying to signal for and stopped the car. Lovely Kumari introduced herself and narrated Nusrat’s story to him. The DIG thanked her for her selfless service and asked her to come to the police station and file an FIR. The NGO team helped Nusrat with all the legal formalities and filed a case. The very next day a police team reached her house to further investigate the matter. On that evening, Lovely Kumari also visited Nusrat’s home and explained to her family members the barbaric nature and legal repercussions of their acts. Her efforts bore fruit and today, Nusrat is perfectly fine and leading a happy life. 




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