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Meet the NGO

The smooth functioning of the world depends on the integrated well-being and functioning of several sectors. There are infinite ways to create and spark a change in society and Deeta International Foundation intends to contribute in numerous ways to be a part of this change.

Education is the pillar of development of a society. The NGO wishes to establish educational institutions which focus on research-based practical learning and provide technology incubators located within the institution to promote innovation. It organises workshops, seminars and symposiums on important topics. They aim to enhance vocational skills especially among children, women and the differently-abled to help them earn a livelihood.

Today, access to quality healthcare facilities has become a privilege rather than a fundamental right. The organisation undertakes development activities in the sector by rendering medical services to the rural areas of the country. They aim to establish and run medical research institutes, dispensaries, mobile medical camps and paramedical training institutes.

Natural disasters such as floods often cause losses and damages beyond repair. It provides disaster relief and rehabilitation services to the affected population and also considerably donates to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the government for the purpose.

The organisation recognises its responsibility towards the protection of the flora and fauna of the environment. It is actively involved in promoting and ensuring ecological sustainability and animal welfare.

Deeta International Foundation promotes and encourages rural, Olympic and paralympic sports to provide the sportspersons with adequate resources and training. They fulfil their duties towards the country by protecting the national heritage, art and culture including restoration of buildings of historical importance and promotion & development of traditional handicrafts.

The organisation works for the benefit of the real heroes of India, the armed forces. They aim to work for the welfare of veterans, war widows and their dependents to express gratitude for the selfless service they provide to the nation.

By extending their help and services to the various sectors, the NGO fulfils its core purpose of serving mankind.

Meet the Founder

Sandeep Kumar

Deeta International Education And Healthcare Foundation is promoted by two social workers namely Sandeep Kumar and Rashmi Kiastha Mahajan. Both the founders are professionally qualified. However, they wanted to leave the corporate web and utilise their skills and resources to contribute to the development of underprivileged sections of society. Knowing the importance of education in shaping an individual’s life, they established the organisation with an aim to help the marginalised section of the society by providing them access to education and vocational training. They believe in improving and rejuvenating the current education system to be more skill-based and practical especially for the unprivileged children. The compassionate duo strives to ensure that all the children under their care are able to realise their dreams and break free from the shackles of the vicious cycle of poverty. Envisioning a society built on the foundation of equality and justice, the founders work tirelessly to ensure that even the most vulnerable groups of society have access to basic human rights.

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