Founding Year, 2020

Meet the NGO

The mission of the Dalit Welfare Trust is to organize and mobilize the weaker, downtrodden and disabled sections of the society and to empower them to resort to collective action to find solutions to their problems and march towards the formation of a developed and egalitarian society.

The trust aims at all-round development of its beneficiaries at the grass-root level in the sector of education, disaster management, health and social environment. 3 years ago, it launched a virtual war on illiteracy through a mass campaign. Today it has reached 50 literacy centres in Chennai and surrounding areas and covers more than 1,000 learners annually. It organises street plays and workshops to create awareness on the importance of education.
Dalit Welfare Trust takes literacy to the doorstep of every child irrespective of the distance or remoteness of the area, through a non-formal education programme.

In India, the emergence of child labour is often due to unsustainable systems of landholding and caste discrimination. The unrelenting poverty forces the parents to push their children in all forms of hazardous occupations which results in bonded labour.  The NGO recognises the need to eradicate this social evil through education and livelihood. It renders legal aid to people residing in rural areas to protect their fundamental rights and educates them about the same.
They also provide free computer training and distribute books and dictionaries among the community.

The trust believes that the livelihoods of the poor cannot be promoted by market forces and the private sector alone, and thus focuses on the formation, strengthening and promotion of self-help groups. They provide tree saplings, herbal seeds and Vermicompost to farmers free of cost and also implement tree plantation campaigns across villages.

With a desire to capitalise on the youth population, the NGO creates employment opportunities for the drug – addicts in rehabilitation centres and aims to eradicate illicit liquor and drug trafficking practices. The Dalit Welfare Trust urges people to come forward and join hand to create a society based on co-operation, fellowship and mutual respect.

Meet the Founder


Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘There is enough for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed.’ Holding a similar vision, Mr J.P. Nagabhushanam, the founder and president of Dalit Welfare Trust believed that India has enormous potential and adequate resources as a developing nation. However, the major malady to the economic condition of the citizens remained to be an inefficient distribution system which leads to income inequalities. In order to curb the problem of the increasing gap between the rich and the poor among other issues, Mr Nagabhushanam, a social worker founded the trust in 2005 with the priorities being livelihood opportunities and eradication of poverty. After Earning a diploma in journalism, he worked as a press editor and publisher before devoting his life towards serving and working for the development of the underprivileged section of society. An advocate of mental health, he spread awareness about the importance to identify and seek treatment for mental issues. He used his exceptional strategic planning and project management skills along with the pooled in resources through fundraising programmes to implement initiatives for community development and uplift the marginalised sections of society.

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