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Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti

Founding Year, 1992

Meet the NGO

In a society where caste-based discrimination is still prevalent and casteist slurs are normalised, an organisation like The Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti is the need of the hour.

This organisation was established with an aim to build and develop the capacities of the marginalised sections of society. This would enable them to participate in social and economic activities as well as help them in raising their voice against unfair and discriminatory practices which lead to social exclusion.

Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti works in close co-ordination with larger, democratic, progressive and egalitarian social movements while also maintaining the focus on its Dalit perspective.
The team has been actively involved in building human capital by organizing Youth Leadership Development Programmes. Various Capacity building programmes on thematic issues have been implemented to improve and increase knowledge levels, skill set, and aptitude of the rural youth. It instils a sense of confidence in them to maturely and appropriately deal with the challenges in life.

It has been observed by the organization that the practice of spending money to ensure good health is not a common occurrence within poor households. Rather they follow or believe in the concept of bearing the cost of treatment when health deteriorates, sometimes beyond recovery. The organization has put in efforts to sensitize and build awareness among the local communities on health provisions, menstrual hygiene, maternal and child health and has also conducted several adolescent Health awareness programmes.

Equity in terms of availability and distribution of resources, active participation and representation in the decision-making process and access to basic human rights are the key indicators to inclusion for marginalised communities. Over the last 28 years, The Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti has put in sincere efforts to ensure recognition, development and equal treatment of Dalits in society.

Meet the Founder

Dharmendra kumar

Casteism is one of the biggest social evils in our society. Even in the 21st century, caste-based discriminatory practices continue to occur in places across the country. Disturbed by the unnecessary slurs and ill-treatment, Mr Dharmendra Kumar established the Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti in 1992 with a view to combating this exclusion and inequality prevailing in the society. He dreamt of an egalitarian society where the Dalit community receives justice and leads the respectful and dignified life they deserve. A highly dedicated and compassionate being, his goal has always been to enable the community to work freely, to help them maximize their potential and become self-reliant through fostering a conducive environment. An advocate of equality and appropriate & adequate representation, he wants to build the capacities of the discriminated groups so that they can raise their voice against injustice and demand for their rights.

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