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Community Action for Rural Excellence (CARE) Birla

Founding Year, 1997

Meet the NGO

We live in a society where awareness about HIV or AIDS is negligible and conversations around it are in hushed voices. CARE aims to break these stereotypes and clear myths surrounding the topic.

CARE Birla, is a Himachal Pradesh based NGO which is known for its extensive efforts against challenges posed by HIV/ AIDS, especially in the context of halting its spread through empowering IDUs, CSWs, MSM and young people. It does so by educating people about the symptoms and causes of HIV and preventive measures for the same through blog posts, awareness campaigns and social media.

Apart from this CARE Birla is also recognized for its endeavours towards addressing the social, cultural and institutional barriers in bringing changes in the context of gender, poverty and empowerment of marginalized sections of the society such as PLWHA (people living with HIV/AIDS.)
In order to realize the mission, CARE Birla has developed promising tie-ups and strategic institutional linkages with development agencies, experts and consultants across the country.

The Organization is also involved in sensitizing stakeholders towards issues associated with sustainable agriculture and illegal mining in and around the Sirmaur district. They strive to support local authorities, state and district level institutions to address the issues of climate change and promotion of eco-tourism. It has also contributed to the development of places such as ‘Renukaji’ through advocacy, research, voluntary actions and community sensitization.

Achievements of the organization are duly recognized and are well reflected in appreciations by a range of institutions and agencies such as HPSACS, HPVHA and DISA.

CARE Birla, today, is one of the most streamlined non-governmental organizations across Himachal Pradesh.
The NGO has evolved its mission to bring a change through sensitizing state machinery and other stakeholders. Their mission is intensely focused on addressing grassroots level issues through joint lances of sustainability, equity and development.

Meet the Founder

Mr Ramesh Attri

With 30 years of experience in the field of social work, Mr Ramesh Attri is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable man who founded the CARE NGO in 1997. He has been working as the director of the NGO for 23 years. With a view to developing a better society, Mr Attri has contributed to various sectors such as education, health and rural development. He has also worked for women empowerment with an aim to create a more equitable society and provide social justice. He has helped many poor and helpless people whose rights were exploited by cruel and selfish people in society. He has educated them about their rights and ensured they have an equal chance to live a dignified life. Mr Attri has also been a part of programmes that target female health and has spread awareness about the same. During the COVID 19 pandemic, he worked tirelessly to spread awareness, educate people about hygiene and treatment options and help those who have been directly and deeply affected by the pandemic.

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