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Founding Year, 2016
qause Poverty Alleviation & Development
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Meet the NGO

Chetna is a society based on a model of sustainable socio-economic development where equal opportunities and resources are made available to the deprived sections of the society.

The team at Chetna Foundation works towards educating people about their rights and aims to build a society on the foundations of human love, co-operation, justice and fraternity.

One of the main objectives of Chetna is the elimination of child labour by strengthening the primary education system and increasing enrolments in schools. They believe that education is the strongest weapon against child labour.

Availability of resources but the lack of skills to utilise them in an optimum manner is a big hindrance to development. Chetna provides technical knowledge to enable the community to mobilise human and financial capital and promote capacity building and skill training. They also implement community-based disaster preparedness programmes.

Chetna also focuses on women empowerment and desires to create a just and equitable society for women. They aim to achieve this by strengthening women organisations such as self-help groups and ensure they get social justice.

In order to create a self-reliant and self-dependent population, they provide vocational and skill-based training to prepare the youth for jobs and help them live a dignified life.
Along with the training, the Chetna team also actively spreads awareness about programmes aimed at unemployed people such as NREGA (National rural employment guarantee act.)

Meet the Founder

Cheru Meher

Founder's name is Er. Cheru Meher belonging to Laxminagar PO/PS- Khariar, Dist- Nuapada, Odisha.

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