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Chaitanya Charitable Trust

Founding Year, 1996
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Meet the NGO

With a vision to empower through capacity building and serve mankind, Chaitanya Charitable Trust seeks to advance the lives of the poor and disadvantaged with programmes that promote health services, education, slum development and women empowerment with an aim to enable individuals to rise above their current situation.
With a team of 15 people and other volunteers, the NGO covers 10 slums of Jamnagar and Devbhoomi Dwarka district.

Chaitanya Charitable Trust puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of education. Till date, more than 9000 out of school children have been enrolled back.
With a future target of impacting 3000 lives, the NGO has established a ‘Happy children center.’ As the name suggests, the main goal of the center is “Learning with Fun.” The center uses interesting and creative teaching strategies to create a positive environment for learning, as well as build good moral values, and improve health and hygiene awareness. It provides multi-model systems of high-quality education, encourages girls’ enrolment in schools, and improves teaching standards in the slum area of Jamnagar.

Another initiative in the sector of education by the NGO is the Aryabhatta Community science center. The faculty at this center trains people to develop a scientific approach and make use of Science in daily life to increase efficiency.
It aims at replacing superstition with Scientific temper to encourage progress in a dynamic world.

The trust recognises the unfortunate fact that poor menstrual hygiene is responsible for almost 70% of reproductive diseases in India. The Trust wants to ensure that every girl has access to sanitary napkins and wants to educate them about the significance of menstrual hygiene. It aims to provide affordable sanitary napkins to 10000 underprivileged girls and women and also plans to set up a low-cost Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing unit.

The NGO is on the path to empower and lift up the lives of the poor and disadvantaged living in difficult circumstances while emphasizing on the dignity of each person and the right to equal opportunity through self-development.

Meet the Founder

Hitesh Pandya

"Chaitanya Charitable Trust, Jamnagar is co-founded by Kajal Pandya and Hitesh Pandya. Kajal Pandya is the President and managing trustee of the organisation. Her acute understanding of the society and excellent managerial skills are an outcome of the successful completion of the Training Program for NGO Professionals from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. Being a highly experienced woman, she has brilliantly served as an Advisory Member of the District Advisory Committee of renewable energy under the Energy Department of the Central Government of India for 3 years and as a Monitoring Officer for the National Polio Surveillance Project, India under the World Health Organization. The level of dedication and diligence that she exhibits towards the less-fortunate people of Jamnagar with her beautiful initiatives and projects is truly remarkable. She has been serving the underprivileged sections of the society for the last 23 years now. To expand her horizons she has been actively participating in a myriad of international workshops in the U.K. and Africa which have helped her gain valuable experience in the fields of women empowerment, health and nutrition, education, and social service. Hitesh Pandya, the Project Director at Chaitanya Charitable Trust has been working in the field of Education, Environment, and Empowerment for 22 years. In the 10 pockets under his supervision, he has been handling several projects such as the Happy Children Center Project and Project Gift(for HIV/Aids children). He is also the trustee of urban health society, Jamnagar municipal corporation. Having worked with WHO, Central and State governments, and other NGOs where he held positions of responsibility, he gained extensive knowledge in the field of policy making and strategic implementation.

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