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Meet the NGO

CARE Birla is a Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh, based NGO, known for its extensive efforts against challenges posed by HIV/ AIDS, especially in the context of halting its spread through empowering IDUs, CSWs, MSM and young people. Apart from this CARE Birla is also recognized for its endeavors towards main-streaming most vulnerable sections of the society such as PLWHA. Organization is involved in socio- economic empowerment of women, addressing the health of poor, especially in rural area, and sensitizing stakeholders towards issues associated with sustainable agriculture and irrational (as well as illegal) mining in and around Sirmaur district. CARE Birla, today, is one of the most streamlined non-governmental organizations across Himachal Pradesh with promising tie-ups and strategic institutional linkages with development agencies, experts and consultants across the country. Achievements of the CARE Birla are duly recognized at local and state levels and are well reflected in appreciations by a range of institutions and agencies such as HPSACS, HPVHA and Development Insights for Sustainable Action (DISA) and vaious government departments or PRIs.

Meet the Founder

The Founder of CARE NGO is named as MR. Ramesh Attri working since year 1997 as Director at CARE NGO. he has worked in so many field like education, health, social justice, woman empowerment, rural development etc with the purpose of social work. also he has helped so many poor people and women who are exploiting by society. Mr. Ramesh Attri has about 30 years of experience in social work and running NGO. Today He is working on female health and awareness. Also he is working on covid -19 awareness in these days.

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