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Meet the NGO

“People see things and ask, ‘Why?’ We Dream of things that never were and we say, ‘Why not?’.”

Believing strongly in this saying and making it their underlying philosophy, Captain Gurdeep Singh Society works towards regenerating the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged section of society and helps them create a respectful, dignified and self-reliant life for themselves.
The society firmly believes that a conducive and productive environment cannot be achieved unless all parameters of the development equation are adequately addressed. Thus, they work in a lot of spheres and fields such as awareness generation programmes against female foeticide, women empowerment, drug de-addiction centres and drug awareness programmes to educate the people especially the youth about hazards and potential damage due to intake of drugs.

The NGO also provides condensed courses for young girls to help them walk the path of independence and prepare them for the competitive world. A project was undertaken for a duration of one year wherein girls were given computer training in MS Office, C-Language, office tools, general utilities in computers viz. painting, designing etc.

They also undertake targeted intervention projects for the health of female sex workers and MSM to ensure that they use appropriate contraceptives in order to avoid the risk of STDs and to ensure that no girl is being forced into the activity.
CGS Society also works for the reproductive child health programme which aims at the prenatal and postnatal care of the pregnant ladies and the children.

The team has also implemented projects aimed at education. They provided required materials to and educated fifty child labourers. Their parents were counselled to be able to teach them a minimum up to fifth standard level.

The NGO is on a mission to make the community be actively involved in and contribute to their own development for an orderly, disciplined and progressive society.

Meet the Founder

Rupinder Kaur Sandu

"Captain Gurdeep Singh Society was formed by Rupinder Kaur Sandu. Her grandfather felt strongly for the people who were victims of poverty, domestic violence and lack of basic facilities. Unfortunately, he died before he could do something substantial for them. So, in the year 2004, Rupinder Sandu formed this NGO to fulfil the dreams of her grandfather and to work for the development of the vulnerable sections. Apart from the abovementioned causes, she is also involved in spreading awareness about the importance of sexual health. Rupinder Sandu was deeply affected by the conditions of sex workers and the fact that many young girls were forced into it due to circumstances. Fighting against threats and social stigmas, she has rescued more than 720 girls in 10 years. "

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