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Building Dreams Foundation

Founding Year, 2016

Meet the NGO

“Helping People To Help Themselves Grow”,  the slogan of Building Dreams Foundation speaks for the objectives of the foundation and the core values upon which it is built. 

Building Dreams Foundation (BDF) promotes the social development of disadvantaged children and communities. The NGO’s mission is to serve the most vulnerable populations in India, poor children and adolescents. They focus on the provision of healthy and adequate food, quality education, protection of the Environment and empowerment of communities. 

Considering the evolving nature of today’s education system, only academic education cannot enlighten a child. The “Doorstep After-School Education” program offers extra curriculum activities that help to ignite the imagination of the children.

Programmes such as Digi Ed and Back to School ensure quality education for all and projects such as Udaan, help the children and youth to identify their suitable career streams. 

According to reports by UNICEF, around 3 million children die every year due to hunger. Joining the fight against world hunger, BDF has initiated programmes such as community fridge and zero food wastage and has served 420000 meals till date. 

In an attempt to save the environment from further deterioration, the NGO organises plantation and cleanliness drives and also educates people on ways to reuse materials by activities such as best out of waste. 

The NGO tries to initiate conversations and spread awareness about menstrual hygiene through a programme called ‘pad for all.’ 

Staying true to the values underlying BDF of equality, critical thinking and mutual respect and by implementing programmes for the benefit of all stakeholders of society, the organisation aims to prepare people in a way where they can become productive members of the society who serve as role models to inspire others within their communities.

Meet the Founder

Ranjit Bar

Mr Ranjit Bar’s philanthropic journey began in 2015 in Dehradun where he was pursuing a BTech degree. During his stay at college, he met a family living on the streets. The image of the young children begging gave him sleepless nights. He offered the parents a significant amount of money every month and asked them to enrol the kids in a school. The children’s enthusiasm to learn gave Mr Ranjit a sense of purpose. Unfortunately, after 6 months, the family decided to move back to their native place, Aligarh. This shattered him and left a void he couldn’t explain. However, Ranjit thought that if he could do something for the benefit of two children, he could do it for hundreds of other people who deserved a fulfilling life. In 2016, he established the Building Dreams Foundation along with his friends. A group of extremely compassionate and empathetic people, they managed to enrol and teach 1000 kids in 3 schools in one year. Today, they impact the lives of more than 30000 children. Soon, the founder was faced with a difficult choice of either acquiring his degree or running the NGO. Two roads diverged, and he took the one less travelled by. He chose to stay an active member of the NGO and selflessly gave up completing his education so that he could help others complete theirs. Referring to his field of work as human engineering, Mr Ranjit admits that there are several challenges in the way of achieving his goals. However, the immense talent and potential of the children, and the smiles on the faces of the people in the old age homes, make every hustle worth the effort. His life mantra should be imbibed by us all- First be kind, and then successful.

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