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Bro.Siga Animation Centre (Aarvam)

Founding Year, 1984



Meet the NGO

‘Aarvam’ means the fervent desire to learn and the yearning to be good. It celebrates the human grit and the single-minded devotion to aspirations, to overcome the odds and succeed, on the wings of education.
Highly inspired by Bro. Sigamani, a Salesian priest, a group of young men founded this NGO in 1984. The aim of the organisation has always been to empower the people to create a self-sustained community and to elevate the living conditions of Youth and children in Vyasarpadi, an area in North Chennai which is primarily inhabited by people belonging to the lower economic strata of society.

The NGO has implemented various integrated child development programmes based on the principles and objectives of protection, promotion and participation.

Aarvam – Supplementary Education Centre is a community-based after-school learning program designed to improve the quality of education in slums & rural areas. The goal is to provide high-quality education inputs to children from the poorest families and ensure every child achieves basic competencies in Language, Math and Science. More than 2000 students across 8 schools benefit from this programme annually.

Under the Reading Skills Enhancement Programme, the main objective is to develop reading skills to improve the learning abilities of the children. It includes libraries and reading circles within the communities to provide easy access to a variety of books.

The Aarvam child movement involves ‘children Sangam’ which are groups composed of children from 8 years to 18 years which take up civic issues on behalf of their community. It fosters a sense of leadership, service to community, involvement, awareness, skill building and advocacy on child rights.

For close to 32 years, BSAC has been a positive influence on over one lakh children and youth with the driving force being the human urge to be the best one can be, by seizing opportunities to learn, develop and be a contributing member of the society.

Meet the Founder

S Shanmugam

"The Founder of the organization, Mr.S.Shanmugam, was born and brought up in the Slums of North Chennai. He was a member of the Don Bosco Youth Centre in Vyasarpadi, Chennai. Groomed and mentored by Bro. Sigamani, SDB, He is currently working for a department under the ministry of home affairs, the government of India. Along with some friends, Mr. S. Shanmugam initiated and established the Bro.Siga Animation Centre, now called ‘Aarvam from BSAC’, in 1984. Initially, only evening tuitions were conducted at the centre for students. Gradually it grew to serve and benefit a larger no. of people in various avenues. What started with a strength of 20 children now reaches to more than 5000 underprivileged children a year in various projects and programmes.

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