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Bharti Seva Sansthan

Founding Year, 2020



Meet the NGO

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” This saying by Mother Teresa is the philosophy behind the working of Bharti Seva Sansthan.

The organisation strongly believes in the power of education and development of a scientific temperament to enhance the quality of life of individuals and society as a whole.
The team provides quality education to the children. It conducts technical training sessions and workshops to provide students with practical examples and knowledge, science quizzes and experimental hands-on competition to pique and maintain the interest of the students. The NGO also educates the youth about the usage of renewable energy and the importance and need to switch to those sources.

The efforts of the organisation are not limited to the sector of education. They are also working in other fields which have an impact on human life such as health, technology and the environment.

The team organises plantation drives and save water campaigns to educate people about the importance of these resources and help them implement small changes in their life.
They also spread awareness about climate change and the drastic effects it can have on the environment. They promote Organic Farming techniques to reduce and eliminate the usage of artificial fertilisers.

They stress upon the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by undertaking yoga and meditation classes and making people aware about naturopathy and go green campaigns.

Along with individual development, the NGO also works in the interest of issues of national importance such as information about elections and protection of human rights.

Bharti Seva Sansthan aims to educate people across the country about the infinite potential of human beings to make our planet a better place for tomorrow.

Meet the Founder

Nathu lal sharma

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