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Meet the NGO

In a world where physically and mentally challenged people are often termed as a liability by an ignorant section of society, Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation comes in as a ray of hope for mankind.
The NGO was started in 1989 as a response to the growing apathy of the society towards the less privileged, physically and mentally challenged people in the society.

With an aim to provide the needy with the opportunities to attain a dignified and improved socio-economic status, this organization has been serving the society for the past 30 years.
They run a Special Home- for children with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Multiple Disabilities at Thiruthuraipoondi. They provide them with special care, special education and work for their overall development.

The organisation realised that even though people were allotted lands or resources, they lacked the education and awareness to make use of them in the best way possible. Thus, the NGO provides access to financial, technical and institutional support to help people earn a decent livelihood. They also provide employment-oriented skill training programmes and vocational and para-medical courses to the youth and assist them in setting up small business ventures and also facilitate setting up of micro enterprises through the provision of micro credit.

True to their name, the trust looks after family welfare in various aspects such as the nutrition requirement of pregnant women. In order to help them have safe pregnancy and motherhood, the NGO provides them with nutrition-rich vegetables, fruits and dry fruits free of cost on a daily basis.

Warriors in the true sense, they are always on the frontline when it comes to disaster relief. They believe that a pandemic has no borders and neither should compassion. The team at Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation worked tirelessly to provide relief to the people affected by COVID 19 in terms of loss of employment and lack of medical facilities.

With the effort of the motivated team, they have positively impacted over 100,000 rural children, women and the elderly.

Meet the Founder


Edaiyoor, R.V.Manimaran, is the Founder and Secretary of the welfare foundation. A humble and selfless man, he has 34 years of experience of working in the social sector and holds in depth knowledge, compassion and understanding about the living conditions in rural India, the issues faced by them in daily life and the importance of community development. A disciple of “Boomithana Vallal” R.V. Rahavan, Mr. Edaiyoor is a dedicated social activist who has worked for the welfare of intellectually disabled children, victims of human trafficking, vocational trainings for youth and communal harmony among others. He is an inspiration and a role model for everyone.

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