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Bharatha Annai Illam

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Meet the NGO

Bharatha Annai Illam’s main objective is to render help to senior citizens, poor widows, poor and needy children without any discrimination of caste, creed, colour or religion and to do other charitable activities. This Trust shall be a NON – PROFITABLE PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST and this trust doesn’t carry on with any business.

The Bharatha Matha Home is desirous of establishing a Fund for providing sustained support to worthy causes of orphanage & old age home, upliftment of Education of all kinds, aid of handicapped and poor children by aiding or assisting them with education, medical facilities. This Charitable institution helps in the relief of distress disease, ignorance and social evils and to train and equip people to be self supporting to lead a honorable and decent way of life.

Meet the Founder

Madam, Nirmala Mathaji helps many mentally retired persons to live a new life with all facilities, render help to the Mentally Illustrated with all medicines and living facilities. Madam render help to the seniors citizens without any discrimination and do all charitable activities. help the abandoned children by providing food, education, clothes, etc.

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