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Bethany Indian Development Society (BIDS)

Founding Year, 1985

Meet the NGO

All it takes is one man, who sets out to make a difference, and the world follows. Bethany Indian Development Society(BIDS) was established in 1985 with an aim to help the marginalised section of the society and spread awareness about human rights, mental health and spiritual guidance.
This initiative by Surendra Patrick and a group of dedicated people who share common beliefs, intent and commitment to serve the society with their pious thoughts aims to remove social evils of the society and contribute in upliftment of the rural and underprivileged people through their development programmes.

They are dedicatedly working to engage people in spiritual guidance, prayerful life, knowledge of the world, meditation, reconciliation and restoration of life with daily devotion for the betterment of the society. Along with creating awareness of the constitutional right to education for children, they are making sure that the little ones get to attend schools and receive formal training with a special focus on victims of prostitution.

In order to achieve their objectives, till date, the organization has adopted 400 children as part of a sponsorship programme through World Vision of India and is working towards their education and well being.
It has built around 500 toilets for the public, to ensure hygiene and sanitation and in order to help eradicate the problem of open defecation.
The organisation has distributed 400 sewing machines to promote self-employment and self-sustainability among the people and has also distributed clothes among the poor and needy people.

Meet the Founder

Surender Patrick

In the year 1985, Surender Patrick, along with a group of dedicated members, led the foundation of Bethany Indian Development Society (BIDS). The long run of struggle and hard work has lit the light of education in the homes of the marginalised sections of the society. His idea of creating a bureau of the lifestyle of the 400 underprivileged children and taking the initiative of providing education according to the age group was highly successful. Many of these children are currently serving the nation being doctors, lawyers, businessmen, mechanics and other well-settled occupations. Since the last three years, the founder's focus is lying upon providing secondary education to the underprivileged children, including victims of prostitution. The slums areas of remote areas are being equipped with the facilities of medicine and healthcare and drainage and sanitation. He was creating awareness about human rights, AIDS, road safety, cleanliness, child labour, female foeticide and women empowerment. In the year 1985, with the help of women, Surender Patrick started a women organisation to empower women who dreamt of being independent. The organisation focused on bringing education not just for the children, but also for the men and women of the villages. With the initiative of monthly health camps organised in the villages, people from and across 10 kilometres could get the facilities of free healthcare services and treatments. The organisation experienced much governmental support. Surender Patrick saw a vision of providing education to the children who couldn't go to school for various reasons. In the year 1991-92, with the support of World Vision of India, 200 children were taken under the organisation's care of. The organisation fulfilled regular education, clothes, one meal of the day, books, school bags, stationery and other requirements with the sponsorship of World Vision of India. Surender Patrick's vision becomes a mission providing living support for life to the children through education and build confidence and independence in women.

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