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Founding Year, 2015
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Meet the NGO

Illiteracy is a liability and the root cause of various problems in the world. A literate population can lead a country on the path of development. With a step in the right direction to solve this problem, Arham foundation is helping people.

The team has established the Siddhi Bhadrankar Nalanda Vidyapith which is a hostel for students. Staying true to their motto of ‘transforming tears into happiness’, Arham has helped shape the dream of many students. The foundation believes in the power of moral values and value-based education and thus, provides the students at the hostel, which is situated in Dhinoj village, Gujarat, with facilities such as free accommodation, food, tuitions, yoga, sports and access to libraries.

Arham foundation recognises the fact that illiteracy is not the only problem prevalent in the country. In order to extend its services to those sectors, the foundation has implemented certain programmes.

These programmes include curbing the problem of malnutrition-by providing healthy nutritious meals to children, supporting the backbone of Indian economy, that is the agricultural sector and provision of secondary and higher education to students.
Another objective of the Arham foundation is Animal welfare. It works for the protection of animals such as cattles and is also involved in the setting up and establishment of veterinary clinics.
The NGO also lends a helping hand and supports the small and medium-sized enterprises. It helps in the development and promotion of cottage industries.

With their efforts impacting lives across more than 10 sectors, Arham foundation is a blessing in the lives of people.

Meet the Founder

Saurabh Jitendrakumar Shah

Saurabh Jitendrakumar Shah, is a commerce graduate from H.L College Of Commerce who runs his own educational institution called Saurabh Educational Academy. Arham Foundation is managed by a team of motivated and dedicated professionals who have earlier worked in the corporate world and now have dedicated their careers to making a difference in the social field after understanding how their experience and contributions could help the less fortunate.

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