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Akhand Jyoty Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan

Founding Year, 2016

Meet the NGO

The three pillars of development for society are education, good health and an equitable social system. Akhand Jyoti Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan is a volunteering movement based in Rajgad, Madhya Pradesh that actively works in the aforementioned fields for the holistic development of mankind.

Science is our future and thus the NGO promotes study in scientific and technological innovations. It aims to set up training centres to facilitate interactions between the mentors and trainees. It will provide vocational training to women and the youth to help them become self-reliant. The organisation will build and manage institutions that provide education to both children and adults.

Another objective of the NGO is to make affordable and quality healthcare infrastructure available to the rural population. It has undertaken awareness campaigns regarding family planning, STDs and HIV/AIDS with a view to de-stigmatize these topics. It also provides resources for infant care, treatment of the mentally and physically challenged people and de-addiction rehabilitation programmes.

To create an equitable social system, the NGO works for the upliftment of marginalised communities such as ST, SC and other backward classes. It implements programmes aimed at urban slum development with a special focus on children and women.

It covers a huge part of the spectrum of social development by providing meaningful opportunities to the youth to serve the community. The team plans cultural programmes to promote our rich diversity and heritage. It organises functions on the birth anniversary of great personalities who have contributed towards the development of our nation as a mark of respect and celebration of their life.

To create an informed and responsible society, the NGO carries out awareness campaigns on road safety and customer welfare. It not only educates them about their rights and duties in various aspects but also dedicatedly works on the noble cause of environmental protection to bring about small sustainable changes in their everyday life.

With active support and participation by the general population, it can achieve milestones beyond the human imagination.

Meet the Founder

O. P. Goswami

Mr Ompuri Goswami is the secretary and director of Akhand Jyoti Shiksha Evam Sewa Sansthan. A simple man, he believes in the power of education and community support to spread awareness among the rural population and lead them on the path of development. He has always emphasised on the importance of being self-reliant and has helped people stand on their own feet and lead an independent life. He has carefully devised a strategy for the working of the NGO which includes political, social and media coverage methods. The combination of his high moral values and rich experience has helped him to establish an organisation that selflessly serves society. Unwilling to compromise on the quality of the team, he constantly motivates his peers to be empathetic, efficient and effective in their work, as well as be a great team player. Leading by example, he ensures that all the people associated with the organisation have a sense of brotherhood among them and are compassionate towards the vulnerable sections of society.

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