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Aditya Educational and Social Welfare Society

Founding Year, 1994



Meet the NGO

Aditya ESWS is a team of 250 people working in the field of Health, Education and Environment. The NGO was established in 1997 with a clear goal to empower and educate the downtrodden and undertake income-generating programs. The NGO has collaborated with the government on multiple projects in the sector of health, education, community harmony and gender gap among others. The team has field experience of over 2 decades and is voluntarily working together to serve the society through the NGO. They are running various programmes in different fields. Aditya ESWS aims for a plastic-free environment and thus works towards spreading awareness and initiating programmes which focus on reusing and recycling plastic to control and curb the problem of pollution.

The team is working on a programme called ‘Ujjawala’ which focuses on the welfare of victims of sexual abuse. The income-generating programme focuses, especially on women. However, the NGO also runs other job oriented and employment generation programmes for poor people. They also run a programme with the help of D.H.S named mobile health dispensary in Karawal area. Aditya ESWS uses the power of their excellent communication network, skilled and efficient staff members and financial position to spread awareness among people and help them in different areas. The NGO also actively participates in de-stigmatising the talk about sexual health. It tries to initiate conversation, remove the taboos and educate people about the importance of safe sex and the risks of STDs. Aditya ESWS works tirelessly in a lot of avenues and sectors to bring about an overall positive impact in society.

Meet the Founder

Vinod Kumar Sharma

Founder of Aditya ESWS, Vinod Kumar Sharma is an Advocate by profession and also a legal consultant. He holds a handsome experience of over 30 years in the legal field. He holds a degree of B. Com (Hons.), M.Com., LLB, and a diploma in Business Administration. He is currently practising in taxation and court. He has been voluntarily working in the field of social welfare since the beginning of his career to providing benefits and opportunities to the less privileged and later established an NGO in 1997 with the name Aditya ESWS (Educational and Social Welfare Society). The founder, who is also the secretary and chief functionary, has developed and maintained cordial relations with all communities and people. He admires and respects all the different cultures that make up our society and believes in the agenda of development of common harmony, for mutual respect and understanding is the only way to create a better society. Mr. Vinod Sharma acknowledges the fact that technology is growing faster than ever and believes that proper development in that area will help the country move forward. With a strong vision and great leadership skills, he leads a team of 250 members towards achieving their goals.

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