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Aathar Rural Implement For Humanity Awareness Trust

Founding Year, 2020



Meet the NGO

Aathar Rural Implement For Humanity Awareness Trust also known as Aarifha trust is a voluntary non-governmental organisation which is committed to working towards the development of all the stakeholders in the society such as children, women, senior citizens and the youth. One of their main objectives is the cause of education for all, particularly the poor rural people. The organisation undertakes training programs for the holistic development of individuals by imparting skills and knowledge. It conducts seminars on various topics of importance to the people. Aarifha also organises work camps and sanitation programs to educate the people on basic hygiene and sanitation practices which will help them prevent the spread of diseases. It also holds community health camps and development programmes. The organisation recognises the existence of the fact that certain sections of society are unaware of important concepts. In order to curb this problem, Aarifha undertakes projects to create awareness among the people in the society and educate them about their rights, duties and ways to improve their standard of living.

Meet the Founder


Mr.B.Vijayakumar, our managing trustee is a young and energetic man, who has valuable experience in planning and implementation of projects. He is pious, social service-oriented, and an advocate for mental health. He always believes in giving back to society by working towards the creation of opportunities for the underprivileged. He is deeply involved in social work and always looks for ways in which he can help the needy and poor people.

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