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It’s an old saying that food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities in a person’s life. With the increasing level of development around the world, the scope of these basic necessities has also increased. It now also includes education and healthcare facilities.

D.A.V Educational and Welfare Society is involved in the provision of these necessities to the underprivileged and marginalised sections of society. The NGO has implemented various youth, women and community-centric welfare activities like vocational training, health camps and educational & awareness programmes for the upliftment of the people in North West Delhi particularly in Mangolpuri, Sultan Puri and adjoining areas.

Presently the Society offers training Programmes in Computers, Tailoring, Beauty Culture, Jewellery Designing and Mobile Repairing among others. The aim of this training is to provide the youth with self-employment and job opportunities.

D.A.V Society has also been working tirelessly in the health sector. The Society recognises the fact that lack of education and awareness about TB leads to delayed treatment with increased mortality and morbidity. One infected person can infect ten others in one year. A major focus of the DOTS awareness programme is to create awareness about the disease and to educate the community regarding the causes, spread, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of TB. In addition to such awareness programmes, the NGO has also set up OPDs and pathological test labs.

All of us are part of society and we have certain duties towards it.
In order to raise an informed and responsible population, the organisation undertakes awareness programmes on issues such as self-defense, consumer awareness, environmental issues, road safety, HIV/AIDS and crime against vulnerable sections. Since its establishment in 2003, DAV Educational and Welfare Society has been marching ahead to achieve its goal in empowering urbanized poor and making them self reliant.

Cancer Aid Society

Cancer Aid Society, is an ISO 9001 NGO is working across India since 1987 on prevention of Cancer, other NCDs, Tobacco and Pain & Palliative Care across India. Goal No. 3 of SDGs 2030 “Good Health and Well Being” has been targeted by us through Advocacy & Awareness. Under “Good Health” we campaign on preventive health and on “Well Being” we focus on Palliative Care owning offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Head Office Lucknow. We are in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2012, Associate Department of Global Communication of United Nations since 2019 and Registered Participant of World Health Organisation’s Global Coordination Mechanism on Non Communicable Diseases. We have earned several Recognition’s viz. Best Cancer Awareness NGO/ Program, Best NGO in Health Care, Best Award for Cancer Prevention & many more. Our International participation involves 2011 High Level Meeting on NCDs & 2014 Review Meeting at United Nations, Dialogues under WHO’s GCM/NCD in April 2015 & November 2015 at Geneva, in 2016 at Mauritius, in 2017 NCD Global Conference at Uruguay, in 2019 Global Meeting on SDGs 3.4 on NCDs & Mental Health at Oman etc.We organize trainings in Palliative Care, Pain Management, availability & use of Oral Morphine, quality of life and death. We assist terminally ill patients and families through counselling, guidance, moral support, referral services for treatment and palliative care centers and have a Helpline No. 9335166600. Keeping up with the ages old adage “Prevention is better than cure” we organize awareness campaigns in thousands of Institutions mobilizing about a million Volunteers every year generating awareness among twenty million of people all over India through campaigns on the harmful effects of Tobacco including Passive Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Obesity, Carcinogens, Pollution of Air, Water & Land along with the benefits of Healthy Lifestyle such as Balanced Diet rich in antioxidants & roughage, Physical Activity/ Exercise, Clean drinking Water, Genital and Personal Hygiene along with symptoms of Cancer for early detection and treatment etc.Thus we inculcate healthy lifestyle and groom our future generation early when they are most vulnerable as well as receptive and in the process of developing habits. Students generate awareness among the community multiplying awareness manifold improving their overall health. Presently 80% cancer patients reach the doctors in the incurable stages where we lose precious human lives as well as resources leading to financial breakdown of families which can be prevented through health education by pamphlets published in 12 Indian Languages along with pictorial illustrations through one-to-one contact, thus generating a high level awareness among the large section of population reducing mortality caused by tobacco, non-communicable diseases (Heart Attacks, Respiratory and Diabetics) and early symptoms of Cancer when it is curable at lesser costs specifically Cancer which is the Second leading cause of Death World Wide. Other activities involve declaring thousands of institutions as Tobacco Free Zones, organizing Rallies, Conferences, Workshops, Trainings etc. We have successfully executed projects for on Palliative Care, Cancer Pain Policy, Availability of Oral Morphine, establishment of Homeopathic Dispensary, organizing rural Camps, Telemedicine vehicle etc.We declared 8th December as NCD Awareness Day to integrate all the Non Communicable Diseases and Instituted INR 100,000/- Rupee International Awards for the residents of SAARC Countries on Palliative Care, Tobacco Control & Cancer and NCD Control.

Bhanru Ramakrishnapur GUS

BRGUS is a social welfare organisation established in the year 2004 for promoting all round development of people of rural deprived community. It is well reputed people’s platform where beneficiaries are the key decision makers. Since then it has been working for child development, women’s empowerment and youth development programme with the assistance of government and other development agencies. It is managed by a group of experienced and dedicated personnel.


PRATHIBHE is a non profit organization established in the year 1990 under Karnataka state societies registration Act 1960 on 19th December 1990 in Bangalore. On the set of the organization we struggled to mobilize resources to support community development work. In 1997 our organization got permission to receive foreign contribution. State and Central governments have supported smaller programs in the earlier days. ITC India, HEKS Switzerland, IGSSS and other local contributions have been mobilized to work with women, children, youth , environment, agriculture and economic development programs.

Sri Kissan VT

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